AC Service & Repair Professionals at Askneeds served 500 requests in Hyderabad in the last 30 days as of 8 Jan, 2018. An average request in AC Service & Repair Professionals Category costs around Rs.1000 Daily The providers on-boarded on Askneeds are approved only after an extensive background scrutiny and customers reference checks.

Phillips one the most renowned and the oldest brand of Indian history. Phillips products are used by everyone. Since beginning Phillips provides products like television, home systems, etc. and now they are providing with Phillips AC (air conditioner) too. Other products supplied by Phillips brand are the hair care products, face shavers, coffee maker, vacuum cleaner, irons, mp3 player accessories, monitors and many more products.

Phillips provides split AC and Phillips coolers are always a good option to be used. A high efficiency Phillips AC unit can help to keep your home cool and comfortable with less utility costs at the same time. Phillips AC uses fewer units which saves 40% of electricity. Phillips offer routine maintenance of your AC which can extend its life span. Emergency services are also given and if the AC is in warrantee period then the service is done free of cost.

Phillips have multiple services across India and it takes special care about the customers so that no complain is logged against ant product and in case any complaint is filed immediate action is taken. Phillips AC services are done using proper policy terms and it gives a licensed warrantee to the customers.


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